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学术委员会 is a committee constituted by the Murdoch University 参议院 第21条的规定 Murdoch University Act 1973. The 学术委员会 is the principal academic body of the University and makes the final decision on matters of academic policy. The Council also awards degrees, 文凭, and certificates of the University on behalf of the 参议院.

To assist in carrying out their responsibilities, the 参议院 and 学术委员会 establish committees in accordance with sections 12(3) and 18(1)(a) of the Murdoch University Act 1973.


The subordinate committees of the 学术委员会 include:

  • 研究委员会
  • University 教育 Committee
  • Equity and Diversity Committee.

Each of these committees may establish subordinate-committees or task and finish groups to focus on specific matters specified within their terms of reference.

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